Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Responsibilities:
  • Develops and helps implement digital marketing to build and sustain presence in digital channels
  • Coordinates the creation, maintenance, and publishing of digital marketing content
  • Improves effectiveness of search engine optimization initiatives
  • Explores and recommends digital platforms, websites, social applications to create customer awareness and call to action
  • Works within the digital marketing budget to optimize the expenditure and maximize the impact of the digital channels

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business is preferred
  • Experience in business-to-business marketing a plus
  • Experience with paid search engines and paid social media preferred
  • Knowledge of Social media platforms: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook required
  • Knowledge of SAP C4C a plus
  • Knowledge of drip and retargeting campaigns, lead nurturing, email campaigns and general marketing automation concepts a plus
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office products required

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